Strategic Planning
In order to achieve consistent results, a repeatable, structured process for working on your business is necessary. How can you expect to produce a consistent product/ service without following a recipe, a blueprint, a plan that can be repeated? A process allows your organization to adjust as you learn - helping you to refine and improve your results and achieve them consistently. We build stronger, more profitable organizations with greater potential for success and ultimately higher valuations.
The Six Disciplines Retreat focuses on developing your organization's strategic plan to maximize business operation.  This retreat  gathers the opinions from your Leadership Team on the top weaknesses and opportunities for your organization to create a well-balanced strategic plan and goals.
Organizations that use Six Disciplines are more likely to understand and appreciate what it takes to reach their goals and are more likely to be profitable in a predictable and consistent way. 
“In just a couple of days, Six Disciplines helped us develop a strategic plan, which by ourselves we failed to accomplish with several months of effort. The process and facilitation gave us the structure to form our strategic direction. Six Disciplines has brought our team into alignment and has given us a method to stay on track.  Now we have a focused approach and plan that will allow us to truly work toward our goals.”
David Nussear, President, Bluffton Motor Works

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