Six Disciplines Software
We provide a unique software system to align every employee and team’s activities to your company’s goals and objectives. This system simplifies and increases communication, scopes out projects, tracks and monitors projects houses dashboards, uses tools for building consensus and makes implementation of the Six Disciplines process quicker and easier.  The Six Disciplines Software provides a vital tool to creating organizational alignment and accountability.
Software is a critical component of the Six Disciplines strategy execution coaching program. Despite Software by itself is not enough to make a significant impact on the performance of your company, so Six Disciplines Software is not offered by itself.  However, by using the software component of the Six Disciplines program you'll benefit from real-time activity management, improved collaboration, better communication, and instant access to your strategy, plans, initiatives and dashboards for measuring performance.
“As practitioners of the Six Disciplines program, it has helped management focus the organization on the opportunities that truly add value. Not only has it improved our strategic planning process, more importantly, it provides the tools to allow us to execute the plan.”

 Brian Roth, President & CEO, Altenloh, Brinck & Company/TRUFAST

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