Leader Development Workshops
Developing leaders is one of the most difficult and pressing issues facing organizations today. With talent shortages, more complex business challenges in the modern market, and a new generation flooding the workforce, the demand for high-quality leadership is forcing organizations to find better strategies to train and develop leaders.​
According to a 2015 Bersin by Deloitte research study, highest performing organizations invest considerably more than their competitors in training and development.​
Are you investing in your organization's leadership pipeline? Do you need a proven strategy to equip purpose-driven leaders at every level of your organization?​
Leverage your most valuable asset and increase employee engagement by investing in your team’s personal and professional development with Six Disciplines Leader Development Workshops.​
"Before our first on-site Self-Leadership Workshop, I told my Six Disciplines coach that I demanded a very high quality event since 25 of my key people were devoting a day. The result exceeded even my high expectations. We are scheduling several more.”
John Marcaccio
President, Capewell Aerial Systems​ 
Designed to take concepts from ‘head to heart,’ each workshop exposes your team to short bursts of competency principles and then to deep-dive exercises in small table groups. ​
A workshop has six to eight lessons. Each lesson has ten minutes of principle introduction from the facilitator and 45 minutes of table exercises. We use technology in the exercises to save time, capture ideas (available post-event), and make the learning fun.​
Workshops can be scheduled as requested and are a full day each.​
We have five different leadership workshops, one for each leadership role: Self, Functional, Cross-Functional, Change, and Strategy (see the next page for a detailed breakdown of each). Our Self Leadership course is foundational and is a prerequisite to the other workshops.  It includes multi-rater feedback on self-leadership skills and DISC personality assessment for each attendee. ​
The biggest determinant of ROI on training is not the cost but getting it to “stick” after the event. Six Disciplines improves training ROI by reinforcing all of the leadership competencies throughout the year when you implement the Six Disciplines Management System.
What you walk away with:​
  • One-day, coach-led workshop​ for each leadership role
  • Workbook for every employee in attendance with key concepts, hints/tips and exercises​
  • Multi-rater feedback from co-workers on how well developed their leadership competencies are​
  • Self-defined improvement goals with quarterly goals check-ins​
  • DISC Personality Assessments are available to enhance each course (required for Self-Leadership)​

Start with the Self-Leadership Workshop and then branch out to the other leadership roles. Reinforce all the leadership principles and unlock the potential of every workgroup by connecting them to your strategic plan with the Workgroup Engagement Service. Contact us or speak with a Six Disciplines coach to learn more about these and other next action steps.​

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