Six Disciplines would like to acknowledge just a few of the pioneering organizations that helped to prove the concepts and best-practices of the Six Disciplines strategy execution program. 
These companies, and many others, make up the community of clients who engage with Six Disciplines Consulting Services business coaches and use the software component of Six Disciplines on a daily basis. (NOTE: Due to certain corporate privacy policies, not all clients have been listed.)

Sisler Companies


“Six Disciplines has been the catalyst in changing our company from an over committed reactionary culture to one with focus and discipline toward achieving our longer term objectives and strategies.” - Brett Sisler, Owner, VP

"Our experience with Six Disciplines has been excellent!  Our team is focused on executing our top priorities in a systematic and disciplined approach.  Six Disciplines has provided us with a structure that will allow us to continue to grow the business to meet our goals." - Todd Kriegel, CEO

Global Precision Parts

“Six Disciplines is a good return on investment financially and a greater return on investment on the intangibles of morale, associate confidence in the company, the process, and themselves, and leadership vision.”

“I would adopt Six Disciplines again, without hesitation. I only wish I would have done this in years prior.” - Pat O'Connor, President

Range Kleen

“We chose to do business with 6D to refocus and re-energize our company and team with a common mission directed toward common goals.  The 6D process keeps us focused in the right direction, and the 6D team also supports and guides us in a very positive way.  The process and team are helping us move our company forward and perform at a higher level.” – Wes Sights, President


“We have used Six Disciplines processes to successfully define and complete several critical initiatives including: the redesign of our websites to become more valuable for the reader and include more advertising opportunities; the blending of our Entertainment Guide with our Weekend Section; and most recently - the launch of our e-paper.  These initiatives were fairly complex but by using the Six Disciplines system, we were able to achieve our desired results on time and on budget. The Six Disciplines system has forced us to become more accountable to ourselves and others.  It has also forced us to define measurable goals and objectives that serve as litmus tests as we look to implement new ideas/products.”  - Jim Zellner, Marketing Manager

Findlay Publishing

“Our former strategy was just 'to sell.' Six Disciplines has changed all that – we are now looking at our business through a 10 year window, but with a focused quarterly strategy to get us there.  We are more organized and are setting common goals that align with our manufacturers’ goals.  We expect that getting on the same page with each other and our manufacturers will tremendously improve our business.  And this is not just a good plan written down and put into a desk drawer.  With Six Disciplines, it’s all about execution.” - Scott Boley, Partner, JPR Systems

JPR Systems

"Ohmart/VEGA has fully embraced the Six Disciplines program, and we successfully navigated the 2009 Great Recession by utilizing Six Disciplines.  Quite simply, the process aligned our company and focused our energy on executing a defined set of objectives in a time of crisis.  More specifically the software tools, planning process and frequent review of the “plan” combined with outstanding Six Disciplines coaching created an environment of accountability that has raised our performance and focus to a whole new level.  

Based on our success, we have endorsed the Six Disciplines process within our Sales Channel.  During a recent roundtable discussion, we learned the majority of our independent Manufacturers Representative owners companies do not have a vision much less a process to manage growth, succession planning and other strategic fundamentals critical to their livelihood.  Therefore, we began promoting the use of Six Disciplines as our success hinges on their success." - Ron Hegyesi, President/CEO, VEGA Americas, Inc.    

VEGA Americas, Inc.

Kramer Enterprises

"Since using Six Disciplines, we've seen significant increases in our numbers. Our gross margin has increased incrementally, and our profits have increased by more than 300%.  Choosing Six Discipline was the best business decision I have ever made!" - Paul Kramer, President
 "Since the year 2000, Trufast has grown sales 15% annually. This rapid growth has brought many challenges to the organization. We are practitioners of the Six Disciplines program to help management focus the organization on the opportunities that truly add value. Not only has it improved our strategic planning process, more importantly, it provides the tools to allow us to execute the plan. This is what separates the Six Disciplines program from all the other strategic planning processes I have been involved in."

“Six Disciplines brought us a process to accomplish what we think is important. It’s not somebody walking in and saying, ‘You know what? I’m the smartest guy in the room. Get out of the way. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with your business.’ Six Disciplines comes in and says, ‘You guys figure out what’s important, we’ll help you accomplish it.’ To me that’s the difference in the Six Disciplines approach.” - Brian Roth, President & CEO

Altenloh, Brinck & Co./TRUFAST


"In a couple of days, Six Disciplines helped us develop a strategic plan, which by ourselves we failed to accomplish with several months of effort. The process and facilitation gave us the structure to form our strategic direction. Six Disciplines has brought our team into alignment and has given us a method to stay on track.  Now we have a focused approach and plan that will allow us to truly work toward our goals." - David Nussear, President

Bluffton Motor Works

“After a lengthy period of research into a number of Goal Deployment programs, we chose Six Disciplines for 3 critical reasons:
  1. The ongoing, day to day coaching. This is invaluable to keep the company targeted on the work that moves the needle.
  2. The system is project and task based, and reminds every manager, every day, that they have projects and initiatives that demands attention.
  3. 6D is easy to use, and focuses on the tasks at hand, not technical knowledge of the software package.
Every company develops strategy. 6D drives you to execution and tracks progress – every day. An outstanding program.” - Rick Wheeler, President & CEO

Capewell Systems

“Six Disciplines’ is all about helping your company reach its full potential and beyond.  For me personally it has kept me focused on the challenges of leading a team toward success while doing it with our Mission and Values in the forefront. It is a system that promotes team work between the leadership and as our coach you help us figure out how to drive the message down in the company. Six Disciplines system helps each person to be more accountable for their goals and action.
Everyone I have had the privilege to meet and or work with is very dedicated to helping their customers make a difference in their lives and company.” – Bertha Jenkins, President


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